Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm ditching Blogspot!

Hello Everyone! I have now moved to my own site.. So you can come see me at

I have decided to move and get away from the blogspot setup.. you can leave comments and even leave attachments of pics as well.. that way you can leave your own motorcycle stories as well!

Hope to see you soon! --Jimmy!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


The past three weeks have been really tough, the rain came and seemed to never leave, actually it left at night.. great that does me a lot of good. The last time it rained like this I had just bought my Vespa, I had to let it sit there forever(that's what it felt like)
Anyhow the rain has left for now, and I was jones'en for a good ride. My Friend Diana who rides a really nice Harley has been wanting to go for a ride, So we finally met up and off to PCH we rode! it was fantastic! She knew where to get off the 101, and where to go to find the sweet long bendy roads.. It was great! Every time I get out on the road I want to keep riding till the sun goes down. What a feeling! Thanks D for getting me out on the bike! I guess it's okay for it to rain every once in awhile, it just makes it so much more sweeter. All the senses are alive and in your face at 50 miles an hour+.
Speaking of Diana, she's a little spitfire! She gets out there! I'm happy to have her as a friend! --Jim

Look at those baby's shine!
oh yeah!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The battle for Freeman Road

This past Monday was the worst day of my life so far..

My friend Lee really got into this show called "the Long Way Round" and soon got me hooked.. it's very addicting to see these two cats ride their Motorcycles from England to New York heading East.. they would just camp when it got dark, and then start it up again..
This past weekend I had the chance to do a fast trip to Tucson..
I packed my gear and away I went.. I had planned to just camp out at the SALTON SEA, but it was too late So a friend in Palm Springs let me stay the night. Morning came and I was soon back on the bike heading south on Highway 111 down to the 8, a beautiful ride on a bike. Once I hit the 8 I just headed east passing Yuma, and then Casa Grande. Once I got about an hour outside of Tucson i hooked up with a gang of riders. I tagged along with them until I found my exit..
Tucson was nice, saw some family, and of course the reason for the trip happened Monday.. (reason for the first sentence in this blog..)
I ended up not being able to leave until Monday, around 3:30 PM (way too late to leave) But I needed to get out of there. I made it almost to Yuma, but I soon needed to just find a place to set up camp for the night before it got too dark. I pulled onto Freeman Road. an old dirt road with a bit of tarmac.
But aside from the road this would seem to be the place, not too far from the freeway,
behind this tree/bush thing, I should be all alone. I doubt if anyone pulls off onto this lonely
dirty road.. (that's what I thought at least)
I got everything set up and decided to check out my surroundings, you know take a walk around like you do.. I was about a hundred yards from my camp when I saw a Boarder Patrol Truck pull off and begin down my road. I made a horrible decision to turn away from him and head back to camp, thinking if he had any questions for me I should be at my camp. As I turned to walk back to camp, I hear the most awful sound of a Dodge Ram truck Gunning it! Not only is this officer putting this truck to the limit ,but as I turn to see what he was doing My stomach froze as I see him "off roading it" straight for me! over huge boulders and through the brush-
I had two options.. run for the boarder, or hold my hands up and feel like an ASS.. as he reached me he locked his brakes up and jumped out with his hand on his side arm.. "What's going on here" he says.. I proceeded to tell him I was just passing through and that I was going to camp here tonight and head out in the morning. just as I said this another unit had pulled up just as fast as he did. Well My luck.. this road,(My Lonely road) and a couple others are very high for Drug Smugglers, "but" the officer says.. "they wont bother you.. they really don't want to attract attention.. you'll be fine." perfect I thought.
Now I am a fan of the US Boarder Patrol, I think they have a very difficult job. I support them on my riding jacket with a Patch.. I think these men and women deserve more Company, better supplies, and just as much attention as the regular armed forces get. So it was an honor for me to see this first hand. However, I was alone and would have wanted maybe a better seat, if you know what I mean. away from danger? I was told not to worry, he offered me some water, and said that they had word of a vehicle that was going to be sneaking up this road or the next, and that he was going top be over here by some trees out of sight.

sounds great!
Sounds just fine...
I've said before that I have a great imagination.. well cram yourself in a tiny one man tent, and listen to what your ears have to say.. I've been afraid of wolves, bears, coyote's, all sorts of noises that come out only when the fire dies and you've snuggled into your sleeping bag ready for the sleep to come. But never have I been afraid of drug smugglers.....
So there I am, listening to every little noise outside my tent, it wasn't very hard. These guys were serious, they would roll up the road with no lights on.. pitch black! All you could hear were the pops of the rocks crushing under the pressure of the tires. I would look out every time and see nothing. but I could hear them. and they were there, along with helicopters, and a couple of K-9's

I was in the middle of a battle that never sleeps, a few heart racing moments where the Patrol trucks would gun it down the dirt road! no headlights, I saw no brake lights, just the revving engines and the dirt trying to escape the tires as they roared by.

I'm proud of what I have experienced, and of the US boarder Patrol. not only did they look after me that night, I know they wage that war every single night. on that lonely road called Freeman..

as for road tripping on the bike, this was the first of my adventures, and hope to be afraid of bears on the next camp out. (I never thought I'd say that..)


Monday, January 7, 2008

Are Bikers Rebels? or just Survivors..

I realized on the road today, why Bikers get the bad rap, and why they feel the need to act and dress like angry bad asses.. This is why.. It's a fight to the death everyday on the road.. The Good Vs. the Bad! and the bad wants to kill you.. literally!
This isn't meant to offend you, but lets face it. we have a lot going on in our cars now a days.. I once saw a guy eating chinese food while driving..
Cars are practically driving themselves.. but to what end.....? So you can fill your hands with in-and-out? We can't even turn on our blinker when we change lanes.. "oh it takes too much energy.." we toss our cigarettes with no hesitation out the window.
There is someone out there, not driving to get somewhere, but to ride the roads..
They are scattered in the mix with these cocky snobs that use the road as their private driveway. changing lanes on a whim, rolling through their own private stops signs, and giving no thoughts to others.
With hardly any consequences for their actions, the bikers are left to their own to survive.
And this is why we are angry. This is why we dress the way we do, not because we're going to a party, or heading to the club, but because we dress for battle.
A battle with you on the road.
So next time you pull up next to a biker, don't roll up your window in fear
Just use your turn signals! and try keeping at least one hand on the wheel!
Please....... and for crying out loud! no CHINESE FOOD!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Thoughts that Race

Since I’ve had a good thinking...
I’ve been sick for the past couple of days, I’ve stayed away from work and pretty much from everything else.. I remember being sick as a kid was much harder.. for instance if I stayed home from school i would not be allowed to go out and play all that day, even when school was out. Well I think that has stuck with me even now, when it’s just me.. Kate is working, I begin to feel a bit better, why not take the White Knight out for a good unwinding..

No I couldn’t, I called in sick. That’s what I was always taught..
which brings me to the purpose of having a Motorbike.. I feel I have a million things to say, it seems I only have a few seconds to say them in..
My first Motorcycle was a 1968 CJ750 a really sweet looking bike named Molly

She was a sweet baby, to take her out was a dream, with only one problem.. You never knew how long she’d be true to you.. Then I took the leap to a new 2008 Street Glide Harley Davidson.. aka the White Knight..
the White Knight is what jump started my mind..
There are all sorts of things you have to be thinking when on a bike.. do I have an escape route if that Jackass pulls out in front of me? I should pull ahead of this guy on the phone? That old Lady can’t even see me what is she doing driving a four thousand pound Caddy?

Some may think that’s a bit too much to bear.. but the wait is worth it. I promise, you see, this makes your mind work in overtime. and when it begins to clear....... the clouds part, the steal begins to bend to the side, and you begin to see for the very first time.

A new world, of roads to everywhere, and then you hear her say, “I’ll be true to your every whim”
I’m sure it’s much like that whole Genie in a bottle thing but with one difference, you don’t get three wishes, You get miles of them..

making sure this works..

How often do you really take a safety walk around your bike before getting on? seriously.. I should.. I have a fantastic Imagination.